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"The focus is not only on making an everlasting impact, but also by creating an environment that is accessible and inclusive to everyone."

By speaking the language of both the dance industry and the corporate world,

Redo gained the knowledge and skills to emerge the two worlds together.

 Holding a degree in Creative Business, it was during his studies that Redo developed a passion for live entertainment.

Remaining the focus on dance, Redo has worked for, as well as co-produced world-renowned events and festivals,

such as: 

In 2013 he co-founded ROOTS Dance Studio, a dance school that he managed up until December 2018. Redo’s dream was to create a place where everyone with a passion for dance is welcome, no matter what level, style of dance, age, race or ability one may have. 

The studio, based in his hometown Gorinchem (The Netherlands), created a positive influence on the youth and has contributed to many cultural events in and around the city. What started out with a couple classes a week and some students in the first year, shortly evolved to a 6-day program with a wide range of dance classes, over 350 students, and a team of 12 professional dance teachers.

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