Redo shares his remarkable life-story about growing up with a disability to audiences worldwide.

He speaks about having to deal with assumptions, setbacks, and dealing with fear and insecurities. About finding your passion in life and succeeding your goals.


Redo believes that with the right attitude and mindset everything is possible, as long as you avoid making excuses. 

His speech covers the following topics:​

  • Prejudices 

  • Bullying

  • Passion/Ambition

  • Diversity

  • Inclusion

  • Acceptation 

  • Determination 

  • Willpower 

  • Goals 

  • Dance






A unique and personal success story that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself. 

Suitable for any type of audience and event. 

Highly interactive and energetic.

Leaving the audience behind in ‘awe’.

The keynote has an entertainment value as Redo performs a unique dance show at the end of his speech.



Your audience will leave the room feeling inspired, motivated and ready to take on the motto;

“No Excuses, No Limits” into practice. 

Every client and audience is different.

In order to create the most impact, Redo tailors his keynote to the specific needs of the client, type of event, theme and most importantly the audience. 


You’re not the first!

Clients like TEDx,, Red Bull, Ministry of Health, Wealth and Sport, Rabobank, PepsiCo, US Department of State, educational institutions, and various sectors and industries preceded you. 


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